Special Projects

 Specially designed testing chambers and mechanical marvels custom built according to requirements and standards

Engine Test Cell



Pakistan's first engine test cell was designed and developed at the client's premises using state of the art technology. The engine test cell comprises of:

  • Drive-by wire mechanism.

  • Eddy current dynamometer.

  • Throttle control mechanism, of same spec used for testing F1 engines.

  • Pneumatic control engine start/stop mechanism.

  • Fuel conditioning unit, suitable for Euro testing.

  • Dual flow control cell ventilation system capable of generating both positive and negative pressures. System also includes electrical actuated damping system.

  • Water cooling system for the engine and dynamometer.

  • A range of sensors for monitoring complete engine performance.

  • Multi-screen computing system for the control and monitoring of the complete test cell and engine. It is a complete centrally controlled system.

  • State of the art emission analyzer coupled with the test cell control system.

  • The system is controlled through modular based advanced data acquisition system. 

Wide range of tests can be conducted in the test cell including Durability test, fuel and lubricant consumption test, engine friction test, Emission tests including 4-8 mode test, etc. Also a range of drive cycles can be simulated in this test cell.

Engine Dyno Control System


Cost effective engine dyno control system was designed and developed for engine OEM for their production test bed. The system was designed according to the customer's requirement. A user friendly interface, gives complete control to the operator for testing engines. This system monitors limited channels enough to monitor engine performance.


Channels include:

  • Oil pressure

  • Coolant temperature

  • Engine speed

  • Engine torque


A number of digital trips have been introduced for safe operation of the system. High accuracy has been ensured through 14 bit data acquisition system and advance signal conditioning units. This system is modular based and thus is easy to maintain. Modular based system also allows easy up-gradation for further use. 


"Designed precisely according to the customer's requirements, ensure cost effective solution with ease of maintenance"


Electric Vehicle


The electric car was designed and developed for a company in Karachi. It is a three wheeler electric vehicle capable of speeds up to 50Km/hr. It can travel at a distance of up to 70km in a single charge. The charging time is approximately 6 hrs and is designed for three persons. The vehicle is made of fiberglass strengthened with lightweight aluminum frame. The car is powered through DC motor via the rechargeable batteries and has a combined power of 1500 watts. 


Complete road tests was carried out, based on the US standards. The complete vehicle was designed according to the customer's requirements  


End Of Line Engine Test Bed

End of line engine test bed for testing of production engines has been custom built according to OEM specifications. A number of key parameters are measured for real time performance evaluation and final checks.

Ease of Operation and maintenance after services combined with the cost effectiveness makes this test bed one of the most reliable test beds. 

Production dyno 2.jpg
Production dyno.jpg