Inspection Machines

Specially designed Automated Inspection Machines with state of the art software and data acuisition systems for the most precise readings

Automotive Brake Disc Quality Inspection Machine

Customized Brake Disc Inspection Machine developed for Auto OEM at a fraction cost of Imported machines with higher accuracy. This inspection machines measures 15 different parameters. The accuracy of crucial parameters is more than a micron. The machines comes with an advanced user friendly software. 

Vertical Balancing Machine for up to 25KG and

                     40cm diameter parts

Advanced data acquisition system, sensor technology and precision drive mechanism are used in the vibration analysis to assist in the balancing process. The vibration level measured at the rotating speed frequency is used as an indicator of the amount of unbalance.  The location is determined by measuring the phase. Phase, (the relative motion of one part of a machine to another) is measured by means of pickup sensor and counter chip, triggered by a photocell.

Engine Blowby measurement system



One of the most challenging parameters to measure accurately in engine testing is engine blow-by. The blow-by flow rate of engines is very low and thus is difficult to measure through conventional means. Special techniques are used to measure such limited flow rates. 


Engineers designed and developed Engine Blow-by Monitoring System with the flexibility to tailor the user interface according to the customers requirements. This system utilizes the advanced embedded system coupled with sensitive flow system. The in-built advanced DAQ system logs the data for analysis, validates and performs signal conditioning. The data is then displayed on the screen in a user friendly manner.


Two portable versions have been developed:

Model RAM-BB1 is a portable plug and play system which can be connected to any laptop or computer through usb port.

Model RAM-BB2 is standalone system with built-in panel pc specially designed for Field Applications.


Our system received the best Automotive Innovation Award in 2013.

Synchronized Engine Manifold & In-Cylinder Pressure Measurement System

Synchronized measurement of inlet manifold, exhaust manifold and combustion chamber pressure measurement for all 4 units for combustion tuning to improve engine performance and emissions.


One of its kind developed for tractor OEM.



Leak Detection System for Radiators



Leak Detection System for Radiators was especially designed and developed for Radiator Manufacturers. This system is adopted to replace the conventional wet testing where the radiator is pressurized and dipped in water tank for visual detection of leak. The drawback of such method is the water scale marks left on the product after the completion of the leak test. One of the main advantage of using our system for leak detection is that the product is shipped in mint condition with no scale marks on the product.


Based on the sensitivity selected by the user, one of the three techniques of measuring leak is adopted for greater accuracy. The leak is detected through pressure decay, pressure differential and air mass flow rate.  


The system can be connected to a PC via usb port. User friendly software gives the user complete control. Leak size and sensitivity can be adjusted with a click of a button. The system logs the data and continuously monitors the total number of pass-fail units. 


Inprocess Grinding Gauge


The in-process grinding gauge measures shaft diameter during the part grinding process. The gauge, together with the associated data-acquisition system exchanges information and signals with the grinding machine in
order to maximize performance and achieve the desired results. The gauge automatically monitors the part diameter while grinding in order to control finished part size upto the required diameter.

Gauge display.jpg

Camshaft Inspection Machine

Measures following parameters:

  • Cam lift curve

  • Cam phase angle

  • Bearing shaft runout

  • Keyway angular position

  • Lift velocity curve

  • Lift acceleration curve

Repeatability within 1 micron

Sensor resolution 0.3 micron

Phase angle resolution 0.0125 degree


Crankshaft Inspection Machine

Measures following parameters:

  • Diameter profiling of journal and crank pin.

  • Tapper measurement of journal and crank pin.

  • Runout of journal.

Repeatability within 1 micron

Sensor resolution 0.3 micron

Phase angle resolution 0.125 degree